Brewing the change we wish to see in the world...

"Brew local."

As often the case with most tourist destinations, many things claim to be locally or "made on Bonaire." A quick glance at a label or production facility may surprise you. This is something we refuse to compromise with. We brew everything on the island, providing freshly crafted, eco-minded creations for visitors and friends of this lovely island.

"Brew inspiration."

Our love for this tiny island brought about the second part of this unique little concept. Every month we take a portion of what we earn and we donate it to local charities that our customers vote for.

"Sugar Thief?"

We are inspired by Bonaire's beautiful birds and always love a good play on words. The Bananaquit, also known as a "Sugar Thief," is a bold little bird with a reputation for stealing sweets. With that in mind, part of brewing is yeast "stealing" sugar to create tasty beverages. And since good things come in threes, we take it a step further in our efforts to be sustainable in the middle of the Caribbean. To reduce waste on the island we ask our guests to bring their own bottles to be filled with our delicious brews. We will deep clean, sanitize, and refill your used bottles here on site for you.

Meet your Sugar Thieves! 

This little beverage company came to life when these two bird brains, Aaron and Edite, decided to do what they love with the person they love to do it with. 

Aaron and Edite began their brewing journey like many of the most talented in the industry did, as passionate hobbyists. Prior to their time in Bonaire they were "bar flies" and "brewery rats." Their love for travel was often combined with an insatiable appetite for a good drink. Over the years they continued to hone their crafting skills and eventually unleash their creativity.

Happy to share their experiences, stories, and knowledge, they work every day to make Sugar Thief a place where everyone can feel at home.