Toe Breaker | SOUR ALE


Slightly fruity, with notes of citrus fruit and guanabana, wildly drinkable 

Caught Red Handed | KVEIK RED ALE


One of our standards. Toasty, bready, nutty with a crisp hoppy finish and subtle hints of grapefruit

MEADS & More

H-Town Rita | HARD SODA


Fresh Houston-Style margarita, stay traditional or take it spicy with a smokey salted rim

Beelaris | MEAD


Floral notes and apples dance in your mouth in this true "show mead" featuring Colombian honey

Spotted Drunk Fish | BRAGGOT


Honey mixed with the malt base of a brown ale, this  unique mead blends flavors of chocolate, banana, honey, and hints of berries

IntraVenus | MEAD


Semisweet with a bouquet of strawberries. Crisp finishing, lightly sparkling, a lovely mead worthy of Venus herself

Kombuchas & Sodas

Resting Beach Face | KOMBUCHA


Find inner peace with this blissfully bright and fruity Mango kombucha. You may not be smiling on the outside, but your tastebuds sure will be