Caught Red Handed | KVIEK RED ALE


Nutty with notes of toasted bread, finished with a crisp hop bite and a touch of citrus

Yellow Belly | MILKSHAKE IPA


Citrusy and bright, a touch of perceived sweetness in a dry beer with a juicy haze that is simply pleasant

Fruit Loopulo | IPA


With bold hop aromas and well-balanced bitterness, you'll find your tastebuds encompassed by fruit esters and floral notes with a solid malt backbone

Aster Nautical Mile | PALE WHEAT ALE


Fruity at first then followed by floral notes from chamomile and honey  with a touch of wheat sweetness makes this beer a dream come true

MEADS & More

Apeeling | MEAD


A sweet wine, loaded with strong notes of honey and banana

H-Town Rita | Hard Soda


Fresh Houston-Style margarita, stay traditional or take it spicy with a smokey salted rim

Pod O' Gold | MEAD


Semi-Sweet with strong floral notes from pure Colombian Honey and Cardamom spice  

Kombuchas & Sodas

Blendin' Fraiser | KOMBUCHA


Strawberries, strawberries, and more strawberries finished with a sweet and sour twist

Mothership | KOMBUCHA


Raw, unadulterated, non-flavored, the Mother of our Kombucha 

Krilling Me Softly | SODA


Named for its delicately pink color, made (shrimp-free) with a blend of tropical fruits